The Muse Fashion Show

Fashion show the Muse by Do Manh Cuong

This fashion show was one of the biggest events of recent years in Vietnam by the means deployed and its media coverage.

The designer Do Manh Cuong didn’t choose the easiest way to build its collection named The Muse, a gothic muse with black flowers. The concept is a total show, revealing the dark and romantic side of the artist.

All top models, actresses and showbiz people are present. Some even come especially from abroad. Dandys drink cognac and women wear “haute couture”. In the backstage it is like in a club where the crows and night birds hang out.

The show begins with modern and urban clothes with hints of Shanghainese films. The second part shows models wearing extravagant hairstyles, made of flowers and leaves. The end is mystical with gigantic dresses in which the models have to walk in slow motion.

For me after height hours of shooting comes finally The, unexpected, picture.

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Making of music video clip of X5 girls band

X5 is one of the few Vietnamese girls band who still exist commercially. As the music market in Vietnam can not live by selling CDs, the goal of the producers is to create value by incrasing the popularity and turns it into advertising contracts.
The clip tells the story of a girl who is bored on Christmas Day. These friends will make her smile holding a Christmas eve. Filming was done in one the day in an apartment. Imagine 20 people in a room of 20 m2. The atmosphere was relaxed, however, and the joy of the  singers not forced.

Is the movie clip a reflection of today’s teens or an image made? No one can tell.

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Vietnam – Traditional dance in ao dai

Traditional dance is an essential part of the culture of Vietnam. Any festival or cultural event includes a dance always appreciated by the public. The costumes (including the famous ao dai) worn by the dancers reflect the variety of regions and ethnic groups that make up the country. The accessories play an equally important role: […]

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