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The Muse Fashion Show

Publication – Do Manh Cuong, hybrid design

When one wants to focus on the evolution of the society, it tends to history, fine arts, literature references that are spoken of. Fashion is apparently futile, but is the best indicator of the zeitgeist because it touches on everybody for many reasons.

One of today’s most talented designers in Vietnam and perhaps the most famous is Do Manh Cuong (DMC) who studied fashion in France. His credo is that “We know urban men and women in Vietnam need a fashion statement that represents their characteristic style and in a cosmopolitan way. DMC offers simple yet chic fashion, high quality clothing at affordable price. ”

To mark five years of activity, he wanted to dazzle the audience with his show “The Muse” on December 19. Preparations had put all possible superlatives into the media:  the most expensive (VND5 Billion), the largest number of models (50 male models, 50 female models), a catwalk of 50-meters long, and the presence of Vietnamese celebrities.


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Peroni style – cinemagraph at the Velvet club

Peroni style

The cinemagraph is a picture in which there is a slight movement of an element of the scene and / or a change of light. It gives the illusion of watching a video sequence while having the appearance of a picture as the entire image remains static

Although this principle is quite old, it was really used in an artistic way by the photographers Kevin Burg Jamie Beck during the Fashion Week in 2011. They have also registered the term cinemagraph as a trademark.

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Fashion and art installation

Fashion and art meet sometimes together but it is certain that these two worlds are copying each other. At a party organized by the online store Zalora, which for the first time allows Vietnamese consumers to buy big local and global brands in one click, I could see a presentation of clothes similar to an artist installation.

Live models standing still within a pristine white background.

Although very attractive, this show did not allow the public to really interact with the creations like a classic fashion show and kept a distance between the two worlds.

Is this a desired effect to say that fashion as art must remain ultimately unattainable?




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Singer in Ao Dai (Hue)

Photography, Architecture and Fashion, The three wheels of Time

Photography has hardly more than a hundred years. However with its omnipresence it seems to always been there to record the time and memories. Watching a photo is to relive a past time.

Two other arts have the power to transport us through the ages. Architecture and Fashion. The first because it survives by its monuments, the other because you can easily re-create the illusion by remaking old the costume

This series of photos allows in three tryptics to rediscover the costumes Vietnamese women. From the Ao Dai of traditional singers from Hue through the french dress of the 20s to arrive at the ready to wear available in one click.

By bringing these three arts together, I myself was surprised by their evocative power and dreams.

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Mode fashion

Fashion, end of the century

At the event organized for the French song in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, designer Chan May presented her collection of evening dresses in an “boudoir” atmosphere.

For a moment, the audience was transported to another time, very end of the century (the nineteenth) while admiring these hairstyles silhouettes made of feathers and light airy fabrics. The designer has also instilled a breath “rockn ‘rollin the second part where the garment becomes more masculine.

In this theater of Ben Thanh with outdated decor of red velvet curtains, I installed an improvised studio behind the scenes while using the sets of another show. Models were happy to pose.

The atmosphere of this series reminds me of authors such as Maupassant, Oscar Wilde, the artists of Montparnasse.


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