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Like any art, a picture is the result of a work that combines technology and creativity. In particular, the photographer must be immersed in the study area. He is constantly interacting with his subject. The result depends on his ability to feel this unique moment of shooting. In this way, each photo and each photographer are unique despite a mechanical tool.

INLÊN Photo Gallery : art prints in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon

Besides commercial assignments, Quang Lam is involved in the art scene of HCMC and founded an artspace, dedicated to fine arts photography exhibitions and prints in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Saigon. Conceptual, documentary, architecture, portrait, travel photos are curated with a great level of art .
For more information, please go to the website INLÊN Photo Gallery

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Last works selection

You can find on this page my last works selection. As I’m involved in multiple projects, I will try to update this page with the differents kind of pictures I produce.
 I always put a new and  personal vision, mainly based on the lighting which is the key for a professional work.

Interiors, restaurants, real estate

People, portraits

Corporate and image databank


Events and liveshows

Studio packshot, food and cooking, …

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Photos traditional vietnamese art – Fight for Silk and Lacquer

Like any artistic project, you never know if your interest is really shared by others. Writing a proposal to the University of Fine Arts was a first step. Some pictures were then published in a solo exhibition. Following the positive feedback, I submitted this portofolio to some magazines without much success.

After the meeting with an editor woman who understood you finally, the series was published by The Guide, a cultural supplement of the newspaper Vietnam Economics.

This theme of youth and art will surely have part 2. Stay tuned

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Ô Féminin TV: interview Magali An

Publication in Paulette magazine – TV around the world

An interview with Magali An, journalist sent to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for the french TV Magazine Ô Feminin whose concept is “[..] to bring back stories from around the world, sharing experiences, exchanging and comparing the views of each other and to learn more about the traditions, trends, culture of some country, always with an female point of view “.

I have worked with Magali during her tour in Vietnam – Camboge in the preparation of the interviews in Saigon, Hanoi and Phnom Penh, during the filming and for the photos of the making-off.

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Elle, is that you ? ( Photos in Elle Magazine Viet Nam)

For its October issue, ELLE Magazine Vietnam has ordered me a series of photos for their Living section. I had to take picures of a place of Ho Chi Minh City reflecting the spirit of the magazine.

The editor sent me the item in Phu My Hung District, the modern and contemporary town on the other side of the River Saigon. I had some doubts especially as nobody has recently visited this house.Although this is a modern villa with pool but the occupants, as elsewhere, ended up to forget the initial decoration. The owner especially like the red color. Inspiration near the temperature of ice.




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Singer in Ao Dai (Hue)

Photography, Architecture and Fashion, The three wheels of Time

Photography has hardly more than a hundred years. However with its omnipresence it seems to always been there to record the time and memories. Watching a photo is to relive a past time.

Two other arts have the power to transport us through the ages. Architecture and Fashion. The first because it survives by its monuments, the other because you can easily re-create the illusion by remaking old the costume

This series of photos allows in three tryptics to rediscover the costumes Vietnamese women. From the Ao Dai of traditional singers from Hue through the french dress of the 20s to arrive at the ready to wear available in one click.

By bringing these three arts together, I myself was surprised by their evocative power and dreams.

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Art de Vivre dans ELLE Mag

Photos of a Colonial French Villa – in Elle Magazine Edition

Art de Vivre dans ELLE Mag

For the October 2012 issue of ELLE Magazine Vietnam has ordered me a series of photos for their Lifestyle section. I had to photograph a place of Ho Chi Minh City which should reflect the french spirit of the magazine.

I sent some photo tests of a colonial villa where some furniture and objects were able to give it a soul. The editor agreed to follow my idea.

The remaining  is a matter of sensitivity and light.

You decide in this article titled “Time Suspended” if the spirit of ELLE can be found in  this house. 



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Restaurant Cafe IF

Restaurant CafeIF in a beautiful colonial house

Restaurant Cafe IF

A series of photos of architecture and interior for a beautiful colonial house which is now a classy and elegant restaurant of Vietnamese cuisine in the center of Saigon. A large garden with flowers and trees allows customers to breathe a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

To give a contemporary aspect to the place desired by the owner, Mr Ming, I use a white and clear lighting which emphasizes well the space and the volume of this building from the early twentieth century, whose architecture is still modern.

For intimate dinners or for receptions and cocktail parties in this exceptional setting, a single address for connoisseurs:

Restaurant Café IF

38 Dang Dung St., Ward Tan Dinh, Dist 1, HCM City
Tel: 08 38.469.853 – RSVP: 0907.111.056


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Studio Photo in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, Vietnam – Quang Lam photographer

Studio facilities

The studio photo is located in Phu Nhuan District, ideally half way from the center and the airport. Feel free to contact Photographer Quang Lam by mobile (018 4741 0695):

Art Photo Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Involved in the art scene of Ho Chi Minh City, the Inlen Photo Gallery is dedicated to sale art photos as well as supporting young photographers with exhibitions and publishing books.

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Mode fashion

Fashion, end of the century

At the event organized for the French song in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, designer Chan May presented her collection of evening dresses in an “boudoir” atmosphere.

For a moment, the audience was transported to another time, very end of the century (the nineteenth) while admiring these hairstyles silhouettes made of feathers and light airy fabrics. The designer has also instilled a breath “rockn ‘rollin the second part where the garment becomes more masculine.

In this theater of Ben Thanh with outdated decor of red velvet curtains, I installed an improvised studio behind the scenes while using the sets of another show. Models were happy to pose.

The atmosphere of this series reminds me of authors such as Maupassant, Oscar Wilde, the artists of Montparnasse.


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