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Like any art, a picture is the result of a work that combines technology and creativity. In particular, the photographer must be immersed in the study area. He is constantly interacting with his subject. The result depends on his ability to feel this unique moment of shooting. In this way, each photo and each photographer are unique despite a mechanical tool.

INLÊN Photo Gallery : art prints in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon

Besides commercial assignments, Quang Lam is involved in the art scene of HCMC and founded an artspace, dedicated to fine arts photography exhibitions and prints in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Saigon. Conceptual, documentary, architecture, portrait, travel photos are curated with a great level of art .
For more information, please go to the website INLÊN Photo Gallery

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Vietnam – Traditional dance in ao dai

Traditional dance is an essential part of the culture of Vietnam. Any festival or cultural event includes a dance always appreciated by the public. The costumes (including the famous ao dai) worn by the dancers reflect the variety of regions and ethnic groups that make up the country. The accessories play an equally important role: […]

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